Cut Resistant Gloves

Cut Resistant Gloves: A Guide to Cut Resistance Levels

Cut resistant gloves (CRG) are an integral piece of personal protective equipment for many jobs.  They are truly the last line of defense between an identified hazard and the end-user.  Selecting the correct glove by matching it to the hazard and risk is a key responsibility for the safety practitioners and purchasing departments of any organization whose workers face cut hazards. 

How many showers and eyewash stations do I need in my workplace?

The most critical feature in determining the number of onsite showers and eyewash stations needed is proximity. ANSI recommends that any worker should be able to reach the nearest eyewash or shower station within 10 seconds of contact with the hazardous material, regardless of their physical and mental state at the time.  This is often assessed as a maximum distance of 55 feet.