Stay Cool

Stay COOL and Don’t Stress

Heat related illness is a concern in any weather – anywhere!¬† As we are in the dog days of summer, working in abnormally hot conditions offers up an all too common set of conditions to guard against… heat related illnesses.

2 of the most common heat related illnesses are Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke.

Hydration Header

Positive Hydration Benefits & What Leads to Dehydration

Many of the doctors and experts say that we need to drink two to two and a half liters of water each and every day. That’s about a half a gallon, to a little bit more than a half a gallon, of liquids a day. Now that is just for when we are at normal activity that doesn’t include if we were out in the sun, playing sports, or doing any other type of strenuous activity. Obviously when those things happen we need to increase that amount of liquid.

Now That’s Using Your Head!

Hard hats are a staple item on any construction site and in many other workplace applications. But, that wasn’t always the case. ¬†In fact, before there were hard hats, standards and regulations, workers used to smear their hats with tar and let them dry in the sun. ¬†Today we have many more advances, options, choices, colors, accessories, and the list goes on. ¬†But there are some questions that people still have about wearing a hard hat.

cold stress

What is Cold Stress?

Cold Stress. ¬†The data doesn’t lie: ¬†Seasons are becoming more extreme. ¬†And the ever-increasing unpredictability of Mother Nature is making it harder than ever for workers exposed to her wild weather swings to prepare. It’s more important than ever to be able to properly identify the most common cold-related illnesses, knowing what treatments to seek and how to prevent them in the first place.

6 Signs of Dehydration

6 Signs of Dehydration Workers Should Know (and Often Miss)

Unfortunately, most people wait until they’re thirsty to take a drink. ¬†But the truth is that if you’re feeling thirst, you’re already in a slightly dehydrated state. ¬†Catching dehydration early is key to addressing it before it has an impact on cognitive and physical function. ¬†Luckily, there are many other signs workers and their supervisors can be on the lookout for.

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